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Real estate investments are now simpler than ever

Realty has long been the preferred investment option for Indian households and REITs make things a lot easier

Indian households love real-estate. In India, the average family holds 77 per cent of its total assets in real estate, according to a July 2017 RBI Household Finance Committee Survey. These include residential buildings, buildings used for farm and non-farm activities, construction for recreational facilities, and land. Since 2014, the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has also opened up commercial real estate for investment too.  

In urban areas, many individuals often own one house and buy another one as an investment. They rent it out to generate a second income. Similarly, many wealthy people in India purchase commercial offices or shops, and lease them to businesses.  However, managing a real estate portfolio is a challenge. There is a lot of physical paper that has to move around if you have to lease your premises. You have to be personally involved in signing the registration for rent and purchase agreements.




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