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Resurgence of Indian Real Estate after a year of pandemic

Today, the second wave of coronavirus has imbued uncertainty in the sector resulting in a temporary pause, but developers are now better prepared and well-versed with the know-hows of a pandemic.

India’s resilient and burgeoning real estate segment has always remained an investor’s favourite, and one of the most sought-after realty markets globally. The growth potentials are such that the segment is poised to account for 13% of India’s economy by 2025. A major wealth creator and one of the largest employment generating sectors, it has undoubtedly feared unwanted consequences at the onset of the pandemic last year, but predicting the challenges early and injecting quick reforms – which included financial assistance including loan moratoriums, stamp duty cuts and tax reliefs through conducive government policies and comprehensive and well-calibrated strategies — helped the sector continue its growth even after a temporary pause in 2020.



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